//AI For Lead Generation: Personalization Becomes AI for Leads Generation

AI For Lead Generation: Personalization Becomes AI for Leads Generation

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Most big data analytics tools now offer artificial intelligence capabilities for discovering new opportunities in MLM and network marketing. A few of the tools even work as a MLM expert advisors. Few, though, can use your data to tell you more about your prospects and existing customers. Others use this data to find new prospects, convert leads to clients or recommend current prospects to follow. In short, artificial intelligence works by finding patterns in your data and applying your knowledge of customer behavior to optimize your sales performance.

The power of artificial intelligence for personalization is really coming to light with the advent of social media. Many network marketing companies, including Aweber, have developed personalization software programs that generate leads using available data. AWeber’s CRM, for example, allows marketers to identify their audience and target specific segments of their websites with very precise demographics. Social media is allowing a growing number of people to connect with businesses in a completely more personal way, which is making it easier than ever to generate leads using personalization techniques like segmentation.

By properly leveraging the power of personalization, artificial intelligence, and social media marketing, network marketers are able to increase their chances of success much faster. The key, however, is to train your employees well so that the personalization techniques you apply to your own marketing funnel will work the same for your prospects and customers. AWeber offers lead scoring and analysis tools that help you identify profitable niches and works as an MLM expert advisor.