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AI for lead generation can bring in sales and new revenue. Aside from handling customer queries, AI will point out leads that are good candidates for sales or marketing. It can also help predict future trends for lead generation, such as the amount of money consumers are likely to spend on a particular product. With the right lead generation AI, marketers can free up their time by focusing on other areas of business. Of course, AI will not be able to predict everything, so humans will still have to review the data.

Drift, an AI-powered chatbot, is a popular example of a company that uses AI to eliminate friction in the buying process. This AI chatbot learns from site conversations and helps corporations reach their ideal customers. They can then reach out to these potential clients. Growing businesses are discovering that AI can make their customer experience more personalized, and ultimately increase sales. AI can also analyze lead generation market data and use chatbots to generate actionable insights.

The future of lead generation will include AI-powered solutions. As long as the technology advances, the focus remains the same: getting in front of your target market with a compelling reason to buy. Throughout the evolution of lead generation, AI has improved many methods of lead generation and has become a common tool for many marketing departments. AI can help bridge the divide between marketing and sales departments, increasing the effectiveness of both. By analyzing sales data and lead generation campaigns, AI can help you identify which leads are the most likely to buy your product or service.