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Types of Exams

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An exam or test is an educational test designed to measure the knowledge, skill, ability, aptitude, mental aptitude, or socialization in a number of subjects. The subjects may include reading, writing, math, science, and learning. Most of these kinds of tests are conducted by state or federal governments or related organizations. Private organizations also conduct some types of test. In some cases, schools also conduct standardized tests for students, and students’ results are also used as basis for further studies.

The tests that are conducted by the schools, colleges or universities are known as educational tests. Some educational tests are based on written examinations. These kinds of examinations help in selecting the right kind of student for certain courses or programs. The tests also help in deciding which students should be permitted to take particular courses or programs. They help in deciding whether a certain student is good in Math or not. On the other hand, students who fail most of the exams do not continue with the program.

Some of the examinations used in selection criteria are based on individual skills, habits, preferences, work habits, or past achievements. In the American School Testing Society (ASTS), there are two types of tests based on different criteria. The dependent upon the skills and samples test is considered more useful to teachers and administrators.

The independent testing and the integrated testing are two different varieties of examinations. Independent testing is a type of test in which there is less of a dependence upon prior knowledge or prior experience, and usually involve performance under the direction of a qualified examiner. Integration testing is based on prior knowledge or prior experience, and involves performance under the direction of an experienced examiner. Since independent tests are usually longer than integrated tests, they require more time for the test taker to complete.

There are also three common testing methods used by states in America. The first is the multiple-choice test; the second is the state examination; and the third is the writing test. The state examination and multiple-choice tests can be combined to produce a more comprehensive test. The state examinations are more complicated than the multiple choice tests and writing tests. The integration testing method is often used by schools in America.

The standardized testing procedure is adopted from international standards set by the United States Education Department (EDD). Students taking standardized exams must register for the examination online. Students taking the exams must successfully pass an oral and written section before they will be declared “passed”.