//Lebron James Leads the Way For the Miami Heat

Lebron James Leads the Way For the Miami Heat

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Lebron James is known for his dominance on the basketball court, but what exactly does he bring to a team when he is not playing? This question has been asked of many athletes in recent years, but it has been especially interesting to see Lebron James perform this season. Many have come up with various theories as to why Lebron has been great on paper, while on the floor, he has been terrible. It is time for the basketball world to take a look at some of the great leadership qualities that the undersized forward brings to a team.

In every game he plays, he is known for his intensity level, as well as his tenacity to continue on his mission to be the best player on the team. Lebron James leads by example, as many of his teammates are not only known for their on-court dominance, but also for being great leaders off the court as well. It has been very interesting to see how much Lebron has grown since his days at University of Florida. He has matured greatly since making his first All Star appearance, and as a result, he leads all big men in rebounding and defensive prowess.

Lebron James has proven that he is one of the premier athletes in the world, but even more importantly, he is one of the best leaders on the team. He is a master at drawing attention to himself and drawing even more attention to his team. This is a skill that many players could learn. Also, his uncanny ability to see the game from a coach’s perspective has given him insight into the NBA game that most players do not have. Lebron has grown into a leader in the NBA just like Peja Stojakovic and John Paxson. The fact that Lebron has brought his team to a championship is truly remarkable and it will be interesting to see where he takes the franchise in the future.