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Instagram is a social network that revolves around pictures. At its most basic, Instagram is an image sharing suit but unlike something like Imgur the pictures tend to be a little more personal. This is not where you would upload an image to share with a client for instance – the image quality wouldn’t even be high enough for most uses. Instead, Instagram is about telling your story or finding beautiful moments in the every day. It’s about being personal and it’s about keeping people up-to-date with your activities.

Section 1Introduction
Lecture 1What Is Instagram Marketing
Lecture 2Instagram 101
Section 2Photos & Tags
Lecture 3How To Take Amazing Photos
Lecture 4Using Tags
Section 3Growth & Integration
Lecture 5Growthing Your Following
Lecture 6Integrating Instagram With Your Website
Section 4Other Strategies
Lecture 7Getting Other People Involved
Lecture 8How Are Other Businesses Using Instagram
Section 5Structure your Plan to Suit Your Brand
Lecture 9 Analyzing Your Instagram Work
Lecture 10 Conclusion
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