//LEOPold Bloom and Stephen Dedalus

LEOPold Bloom and Stephen Dedalus

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In the play by Stephen Dedalus called LEOPOLD BLOOM and also written as LEOPHARD DAHLUSCH and also as STEPHEN DEDALUS there is a story of two lovers, Constant and Archimago who fall in love with one another. They are both university graduates but Constant for some reason does not feel he can trust Archimago, who has a wicked nature. Their relationship is depicted as a cold one because of Constant’s feeling that he cannot trust his new partner. He always thinks of Archimago as someone who is out to get him and who perhaps might even try to kill him.

This is where LEOPOLD BLOOM steps in to fill this character. We see through Dedalus’ words that Constant is a man who feels the same way about all men. And so when he finally confesses his love to Archimago – BLOOM almost flies into the arms of the man he so deeply adores. After all this is done, we also see how Archimago grows and develops emotionally as he also comes to terms with his feelings for Constant. Eventually, however, it becomes clear that his attraction to Blooms was not only physical but also had an emotional component as well.

This is a great relationship between two strong characters who are both strong willed and attracted to each other but who also did not know how to let their feelings go. This play is full of emotion, pathos and mystery and it ends with the happiest ending of all, the union of the two lovers. Even though the play has been used many times in later plays it is still of great importance. It is hard to find modern productions that do it justice.