//Different Types of Drug Testing

Different Types of Drug Testing

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To take a test is to take a test and this is done in many ways, by different people, under different conditions. The main objective of any test is to provide knowledge that will help one make decisions about his/her performance or behavior. In its broadest sense a test can be any kind of test of ability, knowledge or learning. It may be practical, emotional, cognitive, tactical or even intellectual in nature.

(of paper-to lie on the desk for a science test) To blatantly lie on the desk to take a science test, say an SAT test or to admit that you’re not certain of something. Also known as assessed teste. Often referred to as “the liar’s test.” To purposefully fail a course or exam so as to gain an unfair advantage over another student. “Lying on your test will get you in trouble” is an old saying.

(of plastic cards-to count cards for a test) Used in chemistry labelling; used also in military training exercises. To mark a person’s card accurately by touching it with a pen or pencil. Usually accompanied by a loud noise. ” counted cards” usually happens when two people mark the card at the same time.

(of cloths-to tie a runner or cloth to someone’s neck) Obviously, to tie a runner to someone’s neck for a physical test or exam. In physical exams it is usually used to determine the person’s reaction time. “Kissing the test subject” refers to this. A common example would be in medicine, where a patient is being examined under a medical microscope.

(of liquids-to pour some liquids onto a test substance) Probably the most difficult type of test. People usually try this type of test in laboratories where it is very difficult to control the amount of chemicals being poured onto a test substance. Usually liquids are being poured onto a material which has a huge surface area. A tester will need to observe and judge how fast the liquid flows and pours so that he or she can match the speed with the kind of substance being tested.

(to breathe-into a sleeve) A very interesting test that helps scientists to determine the chemical stability of a particular substance. A person is usually instructed to inhale some of a substance into a translucent sleeve. After a few moments, a scientist usually drops the sleeve and the substance inside it into the person’s nostrils.