//You Down With OPP? The Meaning of OPP

You Down With OPP? The Meaning of OPP

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If you’re under the age of 47.5, then you probably heard Naughty by Nature’s song O.P.P. I’ve heard this song on multiple occasions in my life, but never question the meaning of OPP. What does it mean to be down with OPP?

Well, after seeing Musk tweet about it around 4:20AM, I had to Google it.

After my Google query, apparently being down with OPP means you are willing to cheat on your boyfriend or girlfriend. The meaning for Guys, ” Other People’s Pussy”. For women, “Other people’s penis”. At the end of the song they keep it clean and mention “other people’s property”.

Man, you got to love hip hop and pop culture. So what was Musk implying? LOL. He even gave us the wink emoji


You got to love it, and it looks like I missed my chance to enter $TSLA on Friday. Feel free to discuss in the comment section while I finish my scans.

Watchlist for the week developing….

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