//The cable car that cut crime

The cable car that cut crime

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What else helped Medellín?

The city authorities also improved the areas which the cable car opened up. They provided more lighting for public spaces, new pedestrian bridges, school buildings and police stations.

Have other places learned from Medellín?

Many other cities have looked to Medellín for inspiration, including Rio de Janeiro, Caracas, La Paz, Manizales, Cali, Bogotá, and Mexico City.

Has the cable car solved all the city’s problems?

No: no single project can do that. There’s still a huge problem with warring drug gangs in the most deprived neighbourhoods, for example.

But the cable car is still a great example of what can be achieved when a city decides to take practical action to improve the lives of its residents – and how that can bring unexpected benefits.

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