//Saudi Arabia = Islamic State with Lamborghinis

Saudi Arabia = Islamic State with Lamborghinis

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It’s not DNA, it’s absolute power.

But apparently, with $110B, Trump is seeing “rouge killers” offing mild critics of his Majesty. :xyxthumbs

Trump weren’t lying when he said that without US backing, the Saudis will be out of power in two weeks. So why befriending these rouges?

Oil is good. The money that flows into SA gets funnelled out of SA and into US banks, corporations… that’s also good. The weapons and arms the US (not at all forces them to buy) is also good. The strategic position also good. A scary looking people with strange religion (that dare worship the same God and the same prophets of Christianity and Judaism) looks convincingly be in need of democracy and Christian value…

It’s not easy to find such a colony my friend.

Saudi Arabia, according to a principal US post-WWII planner, represents the most stupendous source of wealth in the history of empire.

See what you get when you fight fascists and evil doers? The whole world and most of its riches.

Though the US might be losing grip on the Korean Peninsular. Apparently South Korea’s president doesn’t realise what Trump knows: that they cannot do anything without the US saying so.

Can’t go around making peace and ending sanctions against your own neighbour dude.

With these moves, you can bet there are plans in store to set a devastating example to all colonies and vassals.