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Monday assorted links

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Ok split hairs if you want, the “plurality” then does not fit the archetype pushed by minimum wage advocates.

51% are in high school or are taking some college

57% are under 30

5% are at or beyond retirement age

Nearly 70% are single never married

The demographics simply don’t line up with the fantasies presented by those pushing “living wage” rhetoric. People use part time minimum wage jobs for supplementary income

> A single parent with two children needs to work the equivalent of three and one half full-time jobs (139 hours per work week), more hours than there are in five days, to earn the living wage on a minimum wage income.

Is it sane to assert that every (or nearly every) paid job in the country ought to support a single mother with two kids? What about the 17 year old who’s happily employed for spending money, or the single 27 year old working through grad school while living in a shared household?

People will work jobs that can support them, and often that means working a minimum wage job while taking further education, living in a shared household, or living as a young dependent.