//Links 10/23/18

Links 10/23/18

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An Urban Ink Forager Explains How To Paint With All The Colors Of The Alley (David L)

This Weirdly Geometric Iceberg Is Freaking Us Out Gizmodo

In pictures: Rome suffers freak hailstorm and flooding BBC (David L)

Three ‘pretty big’ earthquakes reported in Pacific Ocean off Vancouver Island Edmonton Journal

Oxygen-Rich Liquid Water May Exist on Mars Scientific American

Identifying the source of perytons at the Parkes radio telescope arXiv.org. Chuck L: “Read the abstract. The findings are hilarious. Or maybe it’s just my weird sense of humor.”

Scientists have found new evidence that tiny pieces of plastic might be accumulating in your poop Business Insider (David L)

Your Poop Is Probably Full of Plastic Wired (Kevin W)


China seeks framework for November deal with Trump Asia Times

US sails gaily through Taiwan Straits MacroBusiness

Europe’s life insurers fall into the hands of private equity Financial Times


O2 postpones stock market float over Brexit fears, according to report Independent

The Guardian view on the Tories and Brexit: rage against the facts Guardian. I noticed that the hardcore Brexiteer BrexitCentral newsletter seemed rattled during the runup to the October European Council meeting, when it seemed a deal was nigh.

MPs slam ministers for having NO idea how much extra Britain could pay to the EU if it extended Brexit The Sun.

Brexit: Theresa May snubs Brussels over Irish border The Times. The Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney already said Ireland wan’t backing down.

UK will not renege on backstop commitment, says Bradley Irish Times

Back down on Brexit or face revolt, May warned The Times. European Research Group still not happy, but they make this threat so often that it’s getting old.

Brexit deal latest – Theresa May rules out so-called ‘people’s vote’ on Brexit after march through London and insists she WILL honour result of the EU referendum The Sun. Not a surprise.

Full text of Theresa May’s update to MPs on last week’s European Council BrexitCentral

Survivor, starring Theresa May Politico

We were actually far more liberal than he is, says Victorian ghost child about Jacob Rees-Mogg Daily Mash

New Cold War

Russia Discusses Big Projects With Exxon As New Sanctions Loom OilPrice


Jamal Khashoggi: Erdogan to reveal ‘truth’ about murder DW

Trump ‘not satisfied’ after talk with Saudi leader MBS The Hill

Surveillance footage shows Saudi ‘body double’ in Khashoggi’s clothesafter he was killed, Turkish source says CNN (Bill B)

Khashoggi Drama – A Deal Is No Longer Possible – Erdogan Demands That MbS Goes Moon of Alabama

Assassins for Hire: US Citizens, Israelis, and Palestinians Kill for Money in Yemen Real News

Blaming Saudis for Corrupting Otherwise Human Rights–Loving US FAIR (UserFriendy)

The Army Ordered an Unvarnished History of the Iraq War-and Hasn’t Released It Wall Street Journal. Bill B: “They dropped the working title: Donald Rumsfeld’s Up in Smoke.”

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

This AI can search for people by height, gender, and clothing in surveillance videos The Next Web

Now Apps Can Track You Even After You Uninstall Them Bloomberg

China requires blockchain-based information service providers to register users using real names, censor postings and store user data South China Morning Post

Trump Transition

Trump Threatens to Cut Foreign Aid Over Migrant Caravan Wall Street Journal. Wow, you’d think Trump organized this.

Trump’s next ambassador to South Africa happens to be a Mar-a-Lago member ThinkProgress

New York witches aim hex at Supreme Court’s Brett Kavanaugh despite death threats Reuters (EM)

Majority of Republicans supports ‘Medicare for all,’ poll finds The Hill

Five Reasons Republicans Can Hold the House RealClearPolitics (UserFriendly)

Big Dem donors stick to sidelines as 2020 approaches The Hill

Midterms: Poorest states have Republican legislatures USA Today. UserFriendly: “Written by #200 on the Forbes list. My response.”

Explosive Device Found in Mailbox at George Soros’s Westchester County Home New York Times

Judge expected to overturn law that forced customers to pay for failed SC nuclear project Post and Courier

Patagonia Endorses Tester and Rosen Outside. GlennF:

From the article “The company’s current CEO, Rose Marcario, has said she’d like to see the outdoor industry become a political force like the NRA. “We cannot give up an inch of protected land on our watch”

A debate about central-bank independence is overdue – Upsetting the punchbowl Economist (UserFriendly)

The Secret Lives of Central Bankers New York Times (UserFriendly)

Tax Reform and U.S. Effective Profit Taxes: From Low to Lower Liberty Street Economics

Crisis Watch

Bait and Switch Simon Wren-Lewis, London Review of Books. On Adam Tooze’s book. Paywalled, but Lambert sent me the text. Very much worth a read.

Global Equities and Futures Hit by Another Selloff Bloomberg

Class Warfare

How conservatives are turning against one of their core economic principles: efficiency The Week

The Cult of the Form Current Affairs (UserFriendly)

Patterns of trade and immigration in historical perspective VoxEU

Another Nonprofit Resists a Fair Labor Measure NonProfit Quarterly

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