//Gig Economy News: Sky’s the Limit

Gig Economy News: Sky’s the Limit

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Hands up if you’re going to DO more this weekend!

We often hear that freelancing is the future, but that hasn’t totally erased some of the misconceptions surrounding what it means to be a freelancer. One myth that needs busting is that it’s hard to reach a steady and significant level of income. With the right attitude, strategy, and tools the sky’s the limit for freelancers all over the world. This week’s Gig Economy News is all about busting this tired myth and equipping you to turn your freelancing dreams and goals into reality.

Learn and Grow

We have long advocated the importance of ongoing learning and skill development for building your freelance business. Well now, we’re taking action and making learning easier and the payoff bigger. We’re thrilled to introduce our new eLearning platform, take a look at why it’s like no other online course program and how it can help you earn more!

Clock In

One of the biggest things holding back many freelancers is also one of the easiest to overcome: time management. The simple truth is that the more effectively you manage your time, the more income you’ll earn. If you struggle with time management, check out these top tracking apps and see how much of a difference it can make in your earnings!

Expand your Network

Unlike in a traditional job where the work comes to you, freelancers need to be proactive in cultivating business regularly. Too many people miss out on one of the biggest, easiest and FREE resources that exists today: LinkedIn. If you’re not utilizing LinkedIn, then this article is a must-read so you can grow your network, and your business.

In it for the Long Haul

It takes time to build up a freelance business, but once you lay a solid foundation it’s easier to grow. One of the most important elements of that foundation is creating long-term relationships with your clients so that you have a loyal base to rely on and grow from. If you’re not already cultivating these relationships, it’s time to learn how and start committing to your customers.

What has made the biggest difference in growing your freelance business? Tell us in the comments!