//Discover Some SEO Techniques That Do Not Help Your Company

Discover Some SEO Techniques That Do Not Help Your Company

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Search engine optimization is one of those aspects of running a company that can be very tricky. However, it is also one of those aspects that if you want your website to rank highly in the search engines you need to do.

Since this is the case, you should know some of the techniques that will not help your company and can actually hurt your company’s website overall. Check out Scott Keever SEO and see that he is running the techniques that will help your company and not cause any issues for your business at all.

Article Marketing.

Article marketing is a method that used to work like a dream for a lot of people. They would be able to go to an article website and publish their articles and have people pick up the articles and send them hundreds of links. However, a problem started to grow out of this method and it was one that actually cost a lot of people their websites and in some cases the business the websites were able to bring in for them as the article marketing publishing websites started to stuff the sites with low quality content, because they ranked higher in the search engines and the links carried more juice.

Well, when people started doing this it led to a lot of the article databases being deindexed by the search engines and along with this the articles lost a lot of the link juice they were sending. This, in turn, led to quite a few of the websites starting to fall. Now, this does not mean this method is done, but if you are using the article databases and publishing sites then you will find that you are just setting yourself and your companies website up for failure as this method is not nearly as effective and often can be seen as a way to get your website penalized.

Over Optimization Of Keywords.

The over optimization method can also be called keyword stuffing is a method that used to work when the search engines were first starting out and did not really take into account how people could take advantage of the systems they were based off of. The keyword stuffing method would be the one that would see people taking the keywords they were going to be using and just put them in almost every other word it would seem like.

When this was being done it would lead to the content ranking higher than what people would expect, but it would also lead to the content being unreadable. With the content not really answering the questions that people had they tended to leave the search engine in hopes of finding the answer. Which is when the search engines started to crack down on the keyword stuffing method and looked for more balanced and LSI type of content to help rank it higher and determine if the content would be worth ranking or not.

Improper Building Of Links With Anchor Text.

When you look at some of the older methods of building links back, people would use the article directories or they would even use the different keyword stuffing and link only using the keywords. While this would work before, it does not work anymore. In fact, most of the time the links that are being built with the anchor text will be just the basic URL of the link, but also some of the LSI keywords or a very basic click here.

If you are using the keyword all the time the search engines are going to look at this as you are trying to optimize for that keyword only and this means you are going to have some problems in ranking for these keywords because it will fall back to the over optimization factors that were talked about before. So people need to be mindful of this when they are getting links built for the website. Something else that people need to consider is making the links look very natural compared to what they were looking at before.

Buying Links From Link Resale Companies.

Buying links may seem like it would be a great idea and if bought from the right company it can be a sound strategy. The downside is it will cost a fortune to buy the links from the people who are getting the links from reputable sites that will actually help you out. So you will find that you will want to check out the link companies you are buying from rather carefully.

Now, the downside is most of the time buying links is something that is highly frowned upon and can easily lead to the website starting to fall in the rankings. So you will want to make sure you look carefully at the way the website is going to be getting the links. A lot of the links you are going to get will only be contextual type of links and this type of link can help you out, but it can also hurt you as well because most of the time the links are added onto a website with a high page authority at the time, but the links are going to come off of the site and it will literally be hit with hundreds if not thousands of links that are going to be linking out to a ton of different websites.

Being able to find out what kind of SEO you should not be doing for your company is a good thing. However, a lot of people will find it can be difficult for them to find the right way to do their business SEO. By knowing more about what does not work, though, it will be very easy for a company to find the best way to perform their SEO and know they are going to be able to get the right rankings in the search engines and know they are going to be able to get the traffic and sales they need to have.


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