//AI for Lead Generation and Marketing

AI for Lead Generation and Marketing

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In the online marketing world, the term ‘Machine Learning’ is being used more often now than before. This technology is used to give advices, recommendations and even to completely replace human decision making process. However, one can not deny the fact that the technology has its own limitations. While the technology can definitely help a lot in increasing the conversion rates, there are many questions raised about the impact on website design and the overall effectiveness of the whole website management process. Let’s take a look at some common problems and doubts raised by the clients regarding this aspect and try to provide answers for them.

How will the entire process of marketing automation affect the design of a website? To start off, let’s understand the meaning of AI for lead generation first. AI for lead generation completely removes the human element out of the process and instead makes everything automated. As a result, it completely automates the whole content-creation process by providing solutions such as content-based intelligence for enriching the real life experience of the users. This includes suggesting the most relevant content for the prospects, based on the kind of queries that they have just browsed, and also suggesting the most relevant ads for the particular pages in the website that are being visited by the prospects.

What does this mean for the entire website management process? The end result is a better level of conversions. Through this process, the marketers are able to generate new leads while saving time, effort and money in the form of reduced pay per click costs. For every lead that is generated, another conversion is also created which further reduces costs and increases the profits of the business. This new growth in the marketing efficiency can be attributed to AI FOR LEAD GENERATION.